Skid Steer Attachments for Land Clearing and Construction

Sidney Attachments builds heavy duty attachments - tree shears, tree saws, grapples, tree & post pullers for most makes of skid steers, loaders, tractors and excavator equipment. Whether you have an overgrown lot that needs clearing or a construction site that needs debris removal, we have the attachment to get the job done. Built from high strength, high tensile steel, our attachments are rugged and will provide a lifetime of service.

Our Tree Shears product line at Sidney Attachments includes the TBL1000 10" Tree Shears, XLR12UN 12" Long Reach Tree Shears, HTC 14" Tree Shears and the HTC Plus 16" Tree Shears - all of which fell trees with ease and safety for the operator. All models come standard with a rotating head, which makes short work of cutting the felled trees into manageable pieces. Designed with a serrated teeth edge, our tree shears can pick-up and load debris as well - cutting AND clearing without needing to change attachments.

Sidney offers two types of Heavy Duty Grapples, Brush & Root and Demolition. Our Heavy Duty Grapples are the most powerful grapples on the market - each with features ideal a variety of jobs, from land clearing to debris removal. Standard with Universal Quick Attach mounts, Sidney Grapples are made in the USA and built to last.

Our Tree and Post Pullers, the Super Duty Tree Puller and the Hydraulic Assist Bigfoot Tree Puller, remove trees and posts out of the ground quickly and easily, saving time and completely clearing the land for reuse.

Our Tree Saw, featuring a 90° tilting blade configuration, slices through tree trunks and limbs whether upright or felled, to clear utility lines and overgrown property.

At Sidney Attachments, we understand just how important quality, reliable equipment is to your business - it's all we build. Call our knowledgeable sales staff for your skid steer attachment needs at 913-495-4861.

Custom Attachments

Sidney's engineering and manufacturing teams are highly experienced in creating custom hitches and couplers for unique applications. Our mechanical engineers design using Solid Works 3D CAD software and can work with you in a variety of formats.

Once we've agreed on the design, your hitch/coupler is manufactured by our team of certified machinists and welders using precision state of the art CNC machines. Take a look at past design concepts / products on the slides below or call us at 913-495-4861 for your attachment needs.

Custom Hitch Adapter
Tree Shear with Excavator Coupler
Conversion Coupler (back view)
Conversion Coupler (front view)
Backhoe Universal Coupler
10" Shear with Custom Hitch
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