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Auger Bit Features:

  • Augers are available from 4" to 48" diameter
  • Extensions are available for deeper digging
  • Fully welded flighting for added strength
  • Augers are available for light, medium and heavy duty applications

Sidney's Auger Bits come in various sizes for various types of applications - from 4" - 48" in diameter. Extensions are also available for deeper digging. Our auger bits' flightings are fully welded for added strength.

Auger Bits are available for applications such as light to moderate ground conditions, as well as tree and shrub planting - difficult ground conditions such as compacted soils, heavy clay, asphalt, frozen ground and fracturable rock - hard and abrasive ground. Rock Teeth and Rock Bits are available upon request for severe duty.

Sidney's Auger Teeth utilize a unique patented system that RESISTS tooth loss and include a pin and rubber insert that LOCK into place and RESIST shock fractures.

Download a copy of the Auger Drives and Bits brochure (260kb)

Auger Diameter 2" HEX Bits
48" Long
2.5" HEX Bits
60" Long
2.56" RND Bits
48" Long
inch mm Part Numbers
4 100 AA-04-20-HD-H
6 154 AA-06-20-HD-H AA-06-25-HD-H AA-06-20-HD-R
9 229 AA-09-20-HD-H AA-09-25-HD-H AA-09-20-HD-R
12 305 AA-12-20-HD-H AA-12-25-HD-H AA-12-20-HD-R
15 381 AA-15-20-HD-H AA-15-25-HD-H
18 457 AA-18-20-HD-H AA-18-25-HD-H AA-18-20-HD-R
20 508 AA-20-20-HD-H AA-20-25-HD-H
24 610 AA-24-20-HD-H AA-24-25-HD-H AA-24-20-HD-R
30 762 AA-30-20-HD-H AA-30-25-HD-H AA-30-20-HD-R
36 914 AA-36-20-HD-H AA-36-25-HD-H AA-36-20-HD-R
40 1016 AA-40-25-HD-H
48 1219 AA-48-25-HD-H
Most sizes in stock. Other sizes available upon request.
HEX Size Extensions Length(in)
2.0" AE-24-20-H 24
2.0" AE-48-20-H 48
2.5" AE-60-25-H 60
2.5" AE-80-25-H 80
2.5" AE-100-25-H 100
Item 2.0" Heavy Duty 2.5" Heavy Duty
Tooth Kit ATK-HD-20 ATK-HD-25
Pilot Kit APK-HD-20 APK-HD-25
2.0" Tungsten 2.5" Tungsten
Tooth Kit ATK-TN-20 ATK-TN-25
Pilot Kit APK-TN-20 APK-TN-25