Auger Drives

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Auger Drive Features:

  • Low-Flow and Hi-Flow Applications
  • 600 - 6000 ft/lbs of Torque
  • Sealed Planetary reduction gearboxes
  • Custom hitches, mounts available
  • Single piece shaft assemblies locked into the housing
  • Best Warranty in the industry

Sidney's Auger Drives are available in 2" and 2.5" HEX, in addition to 2.56" Round diameters. High torque models are available to meet tough applications - from 600 - 6000 ft/lbs of Torque. Our drives are designed for both Hi flow and Low Flow applications, ranging from 7 - 40 GPM.

The Hydraulic Drive Motors of our drives use sealed Planetary reduction gearboxes for maintenance free reliability. Our Auger Drives can be ordered with custom built hitches and various mounts, available for most applications. Additionally, our drives use single piece shaft assemblies locked into the housing.

Sidney's Drives come with the Best Warranty in the Industry! Lifetime Warranty against Shaft Pullout, 5 Years on the Gearbox and 2 Years on the Motor. Unbeatable!

Download a copy of the Auger Drives and Bits brochure (260kb)

Includes: Auger Drive, Hoses, Frame and Cradle
Model Number Shaft Designed for Equipment Accepts Bits
MD-17-20-20-H-334 2" HEX with up to 17GPM flow from 4" - 20"
AD-25-30-20-H-UN 2" HEX with up to 25GPM flow from 4" - 30"
AD-30-36-20-H-UN 2" HEX with up to 30GPM flow from 4" - 36"
AD-35-36-25-H-UN 2.5" HEX with up to 35GPM flow from 6" - 36"
AD-40-48-25-H-UN 2.5" HEX with up to 40GPM flow from 6" - 48"
AD-25-30-20-R-UN 2.56" RND with up to 25GPM flow from 4" - 30"
AD-30-36-20-R-UN 2.56" RND with up to 30GPM flow from 4" - 36"

Sidney Quality, Reliability & Availability

  • Competitive Pricing, Fast Delivery and Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Designed to Maximize Productivity and Reduce Maintenance
SA-HX-20/RD-20 2.0" HEX 2.0" RND
SA-HX-20/RD-26 2.0" HEX 2.56" RND
SA-HX-25/HX-20 2.5" HEX 2.0" HEX
SA-RD-20/HX-20 2.0" RND 2.0" HEX
SA-RD-26/HX-20 2.56" RND 2.0" HEX