TBL 1000 Tree Shears

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  • Cuts a 10" tree in a single pass in seconds
  • Built in USA from 5/8" high tensile steel
  • Lightweight to run on a variety of machines
  • 110° Hydraulic Rotation

The TBL 1000 Tree Shears are designed to shear trees up to 10" in diameter and at just 560 pounds, are lightweight enough to couple with mini-excavators, stand-up or smaller skid steers and lighter tractors or loaders.

The serrated teeth-edge design gives the TBL 1000 Tree Shears a strong, grapple-like feature to pick up and remove debris. These teeth also hold the tree securely during the cutting cycle, allowing all of the machine's hydraulic power to focus on cutting the tree.

The TBL 1000 Tree Shears' single blade design means lower maintenance and lower cost of ownership. Call our knowledgeable staff to answer any questions or to order your TBL 1000 today at 913-495-4861

View or download a pdf version of the Tree Shears Brochure.